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Welcome To My Home Page Everyone!
OKAY THIS SITE IS HELLA' OLD(LIKE 2001 AND BEFORE) AND IF I STILL HAVE YOUR ATTENTION AND YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S CURRENTLY GOING ON IN MY LIFE, GO TO MY PICTURETRAIL WEBSITE AT WWW.PICTURETRAIL.COM/TEAMTRANSPORT WHERE YOU'LL FIND TONS OF UPDATED PICS OF MYSELF, MY FAMILY/FRIENDS, AND OF COURSE TEAMTRANSPORT!!!!................. Hello everyone. My name is Ritche Bautista. Born in June 14, 1977 Manila, Philippines, I am a currently a student at Long Beach City College majoring in Food & Nutrition and minoring in Sociology. I built this webpage to gain experience with webpages, HTML, file managing, links, etc... and see how they work. I also wanted a place that my family and friends can visit to see what's going on in my life. This is my first "real" webpage. The picture on the left is of my wife Melody and I.*SPECIAL NOTE 05/12/2001*... ADDED MY SITE TO THE FLIPBLOGS NET RING. It's my personal log of thought/feelings/views as a male Filipino/Pinoy/Tagalog. To view my weblog, simply point and click the "BLOGGER PAGE" to the left! If you want to add your site to the FLIPLOGS NET RING, just click on the link below to find out how you can join.
Listing Site Updates
03/01/2001: Started my freeservers webpage
03/02/2001: Added pictures to my photo page
03/03/2001: Worked on my links page
04/11/2001: Added a Guestbook
04/28/2001: Added a photo 2 page starring my beautiful Ostrander cousins and adorable niece Priscilla aka lil' P(that's my nickname for her... her mommy calls her P-dogg).
*04/30/2001*: *Added a CUSTOM page #1 that talk about 2 of the 7 things that have changed my life forever... 6)IMPORT DRAG RACING and 7)RAVING. In case you're wondering, the other 5 things/people that have changed my life are: 1)Melody B. Pallera, 2)Edison Bautista, 3)The Catholic Faith/St. Philomena Church, 4)Deejaying as Dj Ritche B, and 5)Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka TRIPLE H aka "The GAME" my friggen' idol. I will be doing pages on these 7 people/things that have changed my life and using other custom pages I have available to write about them.
05/02/2001: Added a PICTUREMEHOT.com link to me and Melody's favourite picture of "MELORI" at the bottom of this page. This is so all of you sweet, loving, good looking family, friends, and visitors of mine can give us a generous high vote to raise our average to at least an 8 or 9 in the hottest couple category =)
05/16/2001: Added a GIRLFRIENDS1 pic page of girls who are my friends... not my girlfriends=)

10/17/2001 I am now the proud father of Jeremiah Richtore Pallera Bautista who was born at 10:05PM on September 30, 2001 @ Long Beach Memorial Medical Center! I'm so proud of my beautiful wife Melody for enduring over 14 hours of labor to give birth to our beautiful son "Jeri". I have made a page full of pictures of my son posing solo and with relatives and friends.
More updates!
05/09/2001: Added a Blogger page. A blogger is a cool feature you can use for free by going to BLOGGER.COM. A blogger is kind of like a diary thingy(at leat that's what I use it for) where you can jot down thoughts/feelings and then upload them to your website.
05/09/2001: Added a "refer a friend" thingy from htmlgear.lycos.com!

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I am a huge fan of Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka Triple H aka "The Game" of the World Wrestling Federation. I idolize him because he works very hard to be the best and he does whatever it takes to get and stay there. He is the very best in his profession(professional wrestling) and there are many resources (magazines articles, newspapers, etc.) that state that he is #1. I also like his whole personna. He has an extremely gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful wife Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, has the best physique in wrestling, and has millions of girls screaming for him everywhere he goes (especially when he makes his wrestling entrance with the coolest music). He truly is "The Game"!

This is me, Ritche B. 04/2000 pic
This is my aol hometown webpage.