Clubbing vs. Raving... Ritche B's story of his first rave
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Clubbing or RAVING? What's your preference. This is my story of how my life changed forever when I was introduced to THE WORLD OF THE RAVE!
Which do you prefer, clubbing or raving?
As for myself I prefer RAVING or even rave style clubs(not as good as the real thing though). I started clubbing(hip-hop) and going to club style parties around 1996. I was deejaying clubs and club style parties before then. That was different(hella fun) because I was the deejay and everyone knew me at the party(plus I was getting paid a lot). So I had no problem getting girls to dance with me.
Going to clubs that I didn't deejay was alright but if I didn't find or couldn't get a girl to dance with me, I was usually bored sitting down or standing around and thinking the night was a total waste of time. I would have more fun racing some dude on the freeway on the way home. The only time I'm guaranteed a dance is if I bring a girl with me. I know what you're thinking, "Why don't you bring you're girlfriend with you?" First of all my girlfriend is on total lockdown from her parents. She is totally obedient to them and what they say goes! They say she can't go out and party until she's done with school and has her own place. Second, my girlfriend hates loud places and loud music. She can't stand very loud speakers banging on her ear. She hates it. It gives her a headache. Third, she has great trust in me(and rightfully so seeing as how I tattoed her name on my left arm) and allows me to bring girls that she doesn't know to clubs and raves. The tattoo of her name on my left arm is basically a big time cock block for me(for those of you who don't know what cock block is, it means that my tattoo of my girlfriend's name is like a big turnoff to girls who hit on me/want me and is also a great big reminder that if I cheat on my girlfriend, I'll spend an eternity wondering aking myself why I tattooed a girls name on my arm then cheated on her. But if I didn't bring a girl or if I couldn't get anyone to dance with me I just tell myselfm,"Fuck it I'll just dance by myself". I would just begin to start enjoying myself, getting my SOLO groove on and I would hear the comments like "Look as that dumbass dancing by himself", "He must be gay", and "What a loser". I would usually ask 8 or 10 girls to dance with me a night and I, more ofter than not, usually get these replies: "I'm dancing with my homegirls right now", or "I'm kinda tired, maybe later", or "No thanks". The last 2 resposes are alright. But the first response really offends me. What the hell? You girls got all dressed up, spent hours on makeup, looking damn good, made sure your nice booties and boobies stuck out, and just "wanna dance with your homegirls"? WTF? I don't get it.
Maybe the clubs I went to suck. "Someone dance with me dammit!" is what I keep saying to myself. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I have really bad luck at clubs. Maybe I'm just so damn hideous,ugly and deformed that it would totally make you nauseous and sick to the stomach to spend one song(2 maybe 3 minutes) dancing with me. For whatever reason, I just wasted all this time washing my car, showering thoroughly (making sure I washed under the arms, pubic area, and butt crack... anywhere there's a foul odor), putting on my best clubbing clothes, splashing on a good amount of 50 dollar cologne, and making sure my hair is perfect (not just in place, but perfect). All this and I couldn't even get a girl to dance with me. Also, in the rare occasion that I do get a girl to actually dance with me, these guys that are standing around and behind me are staring at me like they wanna burn a hole through me with their eyes! What's up with the extremely high level of testosterone that guys seem to aquire when going out in large groups of guys to clubs. Their theme seems to be "search out and conquer all the women but take NO prisoners! They take the term "acting hard" and take it to a whole new level. Fighting between males is so common at clubs. Clubbing's alright. The most action I got at clubs was a girl would freak me, but a lot of the times I went clubbing, it SUCKED HARD!
Now let's go to my favorite social outing activity, RAVING! At least when you go raving and dance by yourself or someone of the same sex it's okay and no one calls you a "dumbass", "dork", or a "fag". When you go raving, you don't have to get all dressed up in your best clothes(if you do, you're kinda off because raving can get really dirty). Girls hit on me more, I get more welcome and even some unwelcome advances from girls, and girls actually do the groping and grabbing of my butt and chest. This one pretty girl actually started pinching my nipples while I was just walking by! Also girls are so nice, friendly, and even horny at raves. Sometimes I'm just laying down by myself alone and a girl would come and just lay her head on my stomach. Then they would ask me to massage them, then they return the favor. I've always liked some rave songs like "We like to party", "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM... I want you in my room"(that song is the bomb!), and Up&Down by the VENGABOYS. I liked "Til' I come" and "Don't stop" by ATB. I also liked the old school version of "Better of Alone".
My first "real" rave was in 1999. I've deejayed rave style parties since 1996 that lasted until sunrise, but haven't been to a "real" one. I had heard about raves, saw the desert raves on "Hard Copy" and "Fox 11 News Specials" on the desert raves, and my first thought of them were they were nothing more than "drug parties". People snorting cocaine and shooting up heroin all night long while listening to the same boring old techno beat all night long until the sun rises. The fact of the matter is there are drugs and drug usage that go on at raves, BUT THERE ARE DRUGS EVERYWHERE YOU GO. CLUBBERS DRINK ALCOHOL(which is a powerful drug) and SMOKE WEED and some also use speed and acid! People at clubs spike drinks and do a variety of other drugs. Raves aren't a "drug thing". People do drugs anywhere there's a gathering of people and loud music is playing. What about rock and roll, metal, reggae, hip-hop, and rap concerts. People are seen smoking weed and drinking alcohol among other things at these concerts. Why aren't they called "drug things". My friends who have gone raving before told me it was nothing like that and I would be a perfect candidate to take raving because of how nice, friendly, outgoing, and cool I was. So I decided to try it out. I put on a hawaiian shirt and some cargo pants and said "Let's go"! When I met up with my friends, I was shocked! They were dressed like they were going to some kind of Halloween party. They wore painters masks, sported baby pacifiers, and had on way too many beads. The girls were wearing butterfly wings and colored hair(green, purple, and blue). There was a very big group of us. We had like 8 cars and at least 35 people. It was the 2 Marks(R. and M.), 2 Steves(G. and M.), Tony P., Merril and her friend, Genesis D., Andy, April, Sherwin Y., Sheila, Robin, Gerald C., Maiko, Dave, and like 20 other people whose names I forgot(damn "E"). Anyways we drove to the Fox Theatres in Pomona for "Something Happ-E". Much to my surprise, EVERYONE was dressed like they were going to a Halloween party. Really bright, loud, weird, and funky clothes. After waiting in line for an hour we finally got in. I was so shocked, scared, confused, amazed, and bewildered all at the same time. It was so packed in there! I saw some people sleeping or passed out on the floor. What tripped me out even more was how nice everyone was and how many people were smiling and hugging. When I accidently bumped into someone or they bumped into me, they were all "Oh, I'm very sorry" and smiled! Yes even the guys too! At a club they would have probably given me a hard stare and cursed at me. But everyone here seemed to be really nice. Another thing was most of the people here were Caucasian(white). My group and I were one of the few groups of asians in there. Not all of us were asian, about half of our group were. Most of the asians were Koreans, Japanese, Chinese. Not a lot of Filipinos. We we're one of the only few Filipinos there. Everyone on the floor was dancing. They had their glowstick and dancing like they were on the Nordic track stairmaster or something. It was like a really fast "running man" dance. It looked really cool.
About 30 minutes into the rave my friend asked me if I wanted to drop. I was like "Drop what"? He told me to give him dollars. So I did and gave me a pill. He's a really cool friend and I nice guys so I trusted him knowing he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. He told me to swallow the pill and then gave me some water to drink. I had seen my other friends with a water bottle and taking those same pills. At first I was worried, but my friends were smart college students and I had seen them taking that pill too so I was like "cool, I'll "drop" too" not really knowing what I was "dropping". They told me to keep dancing so the "E" would kick in faster. For about 35 minutes I felt normal and fine, dancing alongside my friends. Then BOOM, I started getting weak and feeling weird. The MDMA STARTED KICKING IN HARD. I MEAN HARD. So hard that I could't stay standing up. I was feeling really weak and kind of nauseous. My eyelids were so darn heavy that I could only keep my eyes halfway opened. I sat down on the floor legs crossed "Indian style" and just prayed to God to keep me from throwing up. I kept mumbling to myself "I'l never do this again, I'll never ever do this again". My friends told me to get up and I'll feel better but I insisted on staying seated because I feared puking in front of everyone if I stood up. The nausea went on for about 5 minutes and then I started bobbing my head to the beat. The nausea quickly went away as long as I kept moving bobbing my head to the beat of the Trance music.
Pretty soon I was dancing on the floor, but only with my upper body because my legs were still too weak. People were bumping into me and accidently stepping on me, but I didn't care. They were all so nice and asked me if I was alright and that they were so sorry for stepping on me. Then one of my friends, Mark saw me on the floor. He immediately pulled me up and gave me his paiters mast and told me to breathe it in. My goodness that felt so good! I was breathing in vicks vapor rub that was laced in his mask. Then he started waving glowsticks in my eyes and the lights were just amazing!I focused on the lights and they started getting blurry and trailing from the glowstick. Then he abruptly stopped and asked if I was alright with a smile. I was more than alright, I was ROLLING HARD! Finally the girl he was with gave me a great big smile and I gave her one right back. I stayed in the same spot dancing vigorously for almost 2 hours. I was staring at the lights/glowsticks and GRINDING MY TEETH HARD! During that time this cute white girl dancing beside me started dancing closer to me and asked me if I wanted a sticker. I said "yes" and she stuck a happy face sicker on my face and gave me a big hug. RAVERS ARE SOO NICE! That felt soo good! Then my good friends that I came with invited me to hold hands with them and dance in a circle. We danced Nordic track style in a circle for about a minute and in the end, we all gave each other a great big GROUP HUG! That was just awesome. One of my friends brought a vibrating balloon and put it on top of my forhead. It felt so relaxing having that balloon vibrate on my forhead. I then realied that I haven't smoked since we got there so my friend and I went upstairs to go sit down and have a cigarette. THAT WAS A BOMB ASS CIGARETTE! Smoking menthol cigarettes feel so good when you're onE(especially NEWPORTS). I smoked so much that night, that I had dark green loogies. Another thing that I noticed was I was farting a lot! Farting felt good onE. At this time it was way too hot in there and I just took off my shirt.
Eight hours had passed by and it felt like 3. It was 6 in the morning and I had work at 8AM, so I took a friend that wanted to leave with me and drove home. I really didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay until the end. I was kinda scared driving, thinking that I was still under the influence of MDMA, but I was pretty sobered up. Somehow the road and everything in my sight seemed to be much cleared and sharper. I dropped off my friend and headed of to Jack in the Box because I was starved. I ordered a large breakfast but only took two bites of my breakfast sandwich. I couldn't eat at all. I thought I was hungry, but after a couple of bites I had no appetite whatsoever! I then went two work wreaking of Vicks, cigarettes, and sweat. I had a very hard time staying awake and people told me the next day at work that I kept dozing off.
That was my best rave ever! I think everyone's best rave is their first one. I had the time of my life that night. I think it's not just the "E", not just the other drugs that make the rave such a great experience. It's a combination of the music, the "E", the feeling of togetherness, the great humanity and kindness we ravers had towards each other... it's like the music is making us one with one another. Don't get me wrong, the very happy high of the MDMA is a big factor or the niceness and togetherness people feel. But I've tried "E" at E parties, at different social non-rave gatherings, or just hanging out with friends and it's just not the same. The excitement and pure adrenaline rush of 10 thousand people all moving under the same fast hard beat is just exhilarating. Sure you can rave sober. I've done it before and still had the one of the best times of my life. Raves and ravers are altogether fun, I think, with or without the "E"! I REALLY LOVE THE MUSIC! I'm not endorsing the drug MDMA(ecstasy, "E"), I'm just telling you the experience I had while under the influence. It gave be a sense of well being. While I was upstairs looking down on the thousands and thousands of people dancing to the same beat, I felt warm feeling inside. The kind of feeling you get when you hug a loved one very tightly... the wamn tingly feeling. It was if everyone was one unit and united as one. I was great seeing these little people dancing and bobbing up and down AT THE SAME TIME IN UNISON!
My raving experiences I will always treasure. I used to rave every weekend since I started raving and it took it's toll on my body and mind. I mean partying all night from 8pm-8am and having to go to work the next day with no sleep really wore me out. I stopped raving because too much of a good thing is bad. I've been rave free for over a year now. I've been totally drug free for almost half a year(no alcohol, smoking, "E"). I've had my great share of fun and good times. Now I'm concentrating on finishing school, getting my degree, and finding a good career. Now, on weekends, I just go to the gym, lift weights, play some basketball, maybe go to a freind's house, and just hang out with friends and family. I have a new focus in life. I'm training hard so that I'll one day be "THE GAME!

This is me dancing onstage at a rave at the Masterdome in San Bernardino, CA.
I love raving because you can really let loose and be youself. I'm not so self conscious at raves. It's hella fun too!
  Raving changed my life, both for better and for worse.
Raving changed my life for the better in that the experiences/memories I had during the years I was raving were some of the best and most memorable experiences I had in my life. My self confidence and feeling that girls were attracted to me went way up.
The change for the worse is it took a great toll on my mind and body. I lost over 20 pounds(some fat but mostly lean muscle mass) while raving all day and all night. I also lost a lot of brain cells and short/long term memory power. Finally I spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the 2 years that I was raving.
I absolutely don't regret raving. I just pointed out some of the good and bad things that have come out from being a hardcore raver.

Edison and I on raving pictures websites
Some raving websites me and Edison have been pictured on are and

Ritche B's other website dedicated to his raving days

Another one of my life changing hobbies was import drag racing!
Another one of my passions is my old truck"MELORI". I totally loved that truck, and she loved me back just as much. She and I took home a total of 4 import drag racing trophies(2 Winner and 2 Runner-up) and prize money of almost 1 thousand dollars. She also got me fame by getting pictured or mentioned in numerous highly regarded magazines(3 editions of MiniTruckin' magazine, TMR aka toy machine racing magazine, SuperStreet, Turbo, and Streetracer magazine) and pictures in well known drag racing websites such as, www,,, and

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Edison and I were Ravers/Import Drag Racers
This was a 1999 pic. EVEN BEFORE RAVING BECAME SO POPULAR AND MAINSTREAM, Edison and I were proud ravers, even at the risk of being insulted and made fun of. Everywhere we went, we were reppin' ravers hard by wearing our rave gear(beads, pacifiers, bright funky, baggy clothes) even at the "Battle of the Imports" where we won 2nd place. IT KINDA FEELS GOOD TO HEAR THE PEOPLE WHO TALKED CRAP ABOUT US(CALLING US DUMB GAY RAVERS, DRUGGIES, AND FOOLS) EAT THEIR WORDS WHEN THEY FOLLOW IN OUR FOOTSTEPS AND BECOME RAVERS THEMSELVES. No hard feelings. It just feels good hearing the people that insulted us when raving wasn't "cool" and now that it's the "popular" thing ask us "Hey bro, when's the next rave man! Oh yeah, I'm there!" I'm just thinkin' "OOKKKKAAAYYYY"!!

My new ECLIPSE that sits in the garage.
This is probably the worst mistake I have ever made. Everone please remember, SEASIDE MOTORS RIPS YOU OFF! They sold me this cluncker for 13 THOUSAND DOLLARS. The first day the engine game me problems. THE NEXT MONTH, THE ENGINE BLEW UP!So far my parents and I have invested almost 20 grand into this car that likes to collect dust n the garage. AFTER WE GOT THE ENGINE FIXED, THE TRANSMISSION GAVE OUT! I need 3 grand to get it's tranny fixed so it can finally be out of the garage. It should last me 10 years since we just spent 7 grand putting in a BRAND NEW ENGINE STRAIGHT FROM MITSUBUISHI TORRANCE. SEASIDE MOTORS SUCKS! SEASIDE MOTORS SUCKS! DON'T TRUST SEASIDE MOTORS! ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!!!

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