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Who is my perfect partner, some traits, and why?
My perfect woman is an innocent, attractive, sexy, educated, honest, trustworthy, faithful, outgoing, friendly, athletic, compassionate, freaky in bed girl with good hygiene and a sense of humor. These are some traits that I possess and want my girl to have as well.

What I really hate in other people. These are things that I need to improve on myself!
Violence, rage, unwillingness to compromise, impatience, ignorance, and cruelty towards each other. We are all(as humans) 99.4% the same in our DNA. 99.4 PERCENT THE SAME! That means whether you're black, white, asian, or hispanic.. we are 99.4% THE SAME! We all came from the same ancestors that originated in AFRICA and migrated elsewhere. Why then do we act like we're so damn different from each other? We say things like "look at that dumb gook, chink, nigger, honkey, beaner, white boy" when WE OURSELVES ARE gooks, chinks, niggers, honkeys, beaners, and white boys. It's okay to be proud of who you are, but don't take it to the next level and think that you or your race/heritage/ethnicity is better than/more superior to everyone else's. All of us do it at one point in our lives or another. The fact is we ALL DIE AND END UP AS ASHES OF THE SAME COLOR and TEXTURE!
Who are my heroes and villains?
My heroes are teachers, firefighters, and hospital workers. People who make a difference and change people's lives for the better. They're the unsung heroes. The villains are ignorant, racist, good for nothing hoodlem thugs that only live to hurt, damage, steal, and destroy. People like the KKK, big time drug dealers, serial rapists/killers and other punk asses like that.
The most embarassing thing that happened to me.
I crapped in my pants when I was in the 3rd grade. I had diarrhea and couldn't hold it . I should have just said "fuck it" and ran out of my classroom. But I was really young and afraid to get in trouble. Everyone in the class knew I poo pooed in my pants and the next day the WHOLE school knew I had crapped my pants. Then I gave my crap smeared health office slip to the nurse and told her that I accidentally colored the slip with a marker. Looking back, I knew that she knew that it was poo poo on that slip.