Team TRANSPORT Motorsports 98' ECLIPSE GS Spyder
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Pictures of the TRANSPORT 98' Spyder Eclipse GS
owned by team member Matt C.

Team TRANSPORT Motorsports' Eclipse Spyder "Rosie"
This is a picture of Team TRANSPORT Motorsports member Matt's 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS "Rosie".
Matt by "Rosie"
Matt standing by his baby...
Custom red and black interior...
complete I.C.E.(In Car Entertainment) system, including CD and DVD player with a fold out monitor...
Matt chillen' in the TRANSPORT 98' eclipse spyder
"Rosie's" Backside
BACK THAT ASS UP ROSIE!!! WHOOO HOOOO! Look at the muffler on that baby!
The TRANSPORT models w/ Matt
Matt gettin' love from TRANSPORT models Christal and Heather...
"Rosie's" last pic
Chicks dig TRANSPORT cars!!!