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Pictures of the TRANSPORT Eclipse
owned by team founder Ritche Lago Bautista

Team TRANSPORT Motorsports' Eclipse "Stephanie"... 08/19/2001
This is a picture of Team TRANSPORT Motorsports founder Ritche Lago Bautista's 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS "Stephanie". Minor modifications include: Powerflow air filter, full cat-back Greddy SP exhaust, graphics from Modern Image, interior/exterior show lighting done by Edison Lago Bautista, Intrax lowering springs, VIS Racing GT2 aluminum wing, Pioneer deck, Crunch USA 200 watt amplifier, 2 12" Audiobahn subwoofers.... and more engine/body/interior mods in the future... "we have only just begun"!
Ritche by "Stephanie"
I had to take a picture by my baby!
Melody and I by Stephanie
This pic was taken last June(2000) when I first bought "Stephanie".
Melody chillen' in the TRANSPORT eclipse 08/19/2001
"Stephanie's" Backside
Damn... my baby got a nice BIG BACKSIDE! BACK THAT ASS UP STEPHANIE!!! WHOOO HOOOO! Look at the muffler on that baby!
Me and Stephanie again!
Last one of me and Stephanie! I Promise!
"Stephanie's" last pic
This pic was taken in front of my pad on 08/19/2001. Future mods(if I win the lotto) include: 17" Tenzo-R Shu-4 wheels or 17" Volk Racing TE-37(can't decide) wrapped in Yokahama tires, Autometer gauges, VIS racing Strada F1 body kit, rear anti-sway bar, upper strut bars(front and rear), monkey bars roll cage, and whatever else I can dream up!