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Team TRANSPORT's "official" models
Attention Ladies... if you want to become an official TRANSPORT model, please email me at

This is 23 year old TRANSPORT model Cheryll from Downey, CA

23 year old filipina/spanish.... what a hottie!!!

5-foot 2-inches tall.... 36C/24/34... with a body that won't quit!!!

This sexy bebot is single and ready to mingle..... damn, girl you're lookin' too fly in my roomfly!!!

TRANSPORT model Cheryll showin' love for the TRANSPORTeclipse..."Back off, this ride is mine!"

That see through TRANSPORT models outfit looks awesome on TRANSPORT's curvaceous model Cheryll...

21 yr. old Latina TRANSPORT model Brenda.... Straight fione!!!

36C/25/38... Holla' back youngin'!!! TRANSPORT model Brenda has an amazing body with a bootie that just won't quit!!!

Let me see that thong hottie....

Brenda lookin' too good in my room... 5' 5" with brown eyes... smile like the sunrise!!!

Brenda showing love for the TRANSPORTeclipse...

Ooooohhhh mmaammaacciiittttaaaaa!!!!

Let me see those thongs ladies!!!

2 freakin' hot TRANSPORT models in my room... have mercy!!!!

This photoshoot is making me tired.... the gorgeous TRANSPORT models and I just chillin' and relaxin'... taking a break...

TRANSPORT model cutie Brenda doing a "bootylicious" pose for the TRANSPORTeclipse...

TRANSPORT model Cheryll with more than two handfulls!!!

Posing exclusively for Team TRANSPORT... TRANSPORTmodel hottie Brenda...

Man, they are hot!!!

TRANSPORT advisor Ritche B. with the TRANSPORT models....... they're soft but fit... and nice and thick!!!

Edison getin' some love from the TRANSPORT models...

TRANSPORT model Brenda is what I call "booty-li-cious"!!!

TRANSPORT model Cheryll is just plain... Fione!!!

The gorgeous and sexy TRANSPORT models Cheryl and Brenda on top of the TRANSPORT eclipse.... SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE!!!

trans... what??? T-R-A-N-S-P-O-R-T !!!

The TRANSPORT models with a seductive pose!!!!

TRANSPORT models Cheryll and Brenda... taking female beauty and sexuality to a whole new level!!!

The TRANSPORT models teasing me with their "inner" beauty... =)

One last pic of the fly TRANSPORT models Brenda and Cheryll...

I had lots of fun doing the TRANSPORT models photoshoot... these ladies were very professional and friendly... they are available to model for any shows or drag races... if you are interested in either or both of our TRANSPORT models... please leave me an email at