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Some facts about me
These are just a few things about me. I am a very mellow person. I like "chillin" at home with my friends and family most of the time. My hobbies are going online to work on this page, watching "Smackdown" (a WWF wrestling program, and going to the gym with my little brother Edison. I love to sleep and rest. I probably sleep for 9 hours each night. If i get any less, i don't feel right. I am really into working out. I am trying to get to being as close to looking like "The Game" as i possibly can before the end of 2001. As of right now March 7, 2001 I am 5'7" and 165 pounds. My dimentions are ARMS: 13 inches, CHEST: 39 inches, BELLY: 38 inches. As you can see I am far from being "The Game". I will keep you guys updated thought on my progress

Why and when I wanted to become "The Game"
I really didn't care much about HHH the beginning of last year. My favorite wrestler was "The Undertaker" and has been since about 1992 until the end of last year. Actually, I didn't like Triple H that much. He played a wrestling "heel". A heel is the "bad guy" in the storyline. Anyways, i started liking HHH because he was feuding with Kurt Angle. Angle was pretending to be Stephanie McMahon Helmsley's "friend" but HHH knew that Angle was trying to steal Stephanie away from him. So basically HHH beat the crap out of Kurt Angle! That's when I really started liking and admiring Triple H. I mean that dude is built like a ton of bricks. He has the biggest chest that i have ever seen in wrestling, unbelievably muscular arms and legs, and he is always accompanied by his beautiful wife Stephanie right before a match. THIS GUY HAS IT ALL!!! Big muscles, cool long hair, GREAT entrance music, and a fine girl (that just happenes to be the bosses daughter) by his side. He is truly "THE GAME!

My little brother Edison is also learning how to build webpages. He helps me pic out pictures to put up on this page. He is also my bodybuilding partner. His goal is to be bigger than me by the end of 2001.
As of right now(03/13/2001) his (Edison Bautista's) proportions are: HEIGHT 5'7", ARMS 11", CHEST 33", GUT 25" and he weighs approximately 113LBS. His maximum bench press is 135LBS.

As of right now(03/13/2001) my (Ritche Bautista's) proportions are: HEIGHT 5'7", ARMS 13", CHEST 39", GUT 38" and I weigh approximately 165LBS. My maximum bench press is 155LBS.
(04/13/2001) I lost 7lbs. Eveything else is the same but now: Weight is 157lbs. GUT: 37".

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