What Is Team TRANSPORT Motorsports and Why?
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The story of TRANSPORT!
Well, as most of you know, Edison and I were REALLY, REALLY into the rave scene 2 years ago(1999) and last year 2000. We loved how everyone got along, respected each other, and was really united through the music no matter what race, color, creed, religion, economic background etc... and we(Edison and I) wanted to start up an import drag racing team based on the raving scene and principles. We were gonna be called Team PLURsport... as in Team Peace Love Unity Respect-sport. My former team, Wavelength Racing, was practically dead. The other 4 members always ranked out(chickened out last minute) when it came time to go to "Battle of the Imports" and represent. There was no unity and sense of pride. The only one that was there for me was Edison, but he didn't have a car and was too young to drive. I think they just wanted to be in a racing crew just to have one! Also the famous "Shopping Cart" Team Wavelength Racing minitruck w/ the homemade super spoiler was retired w/ 4(count them four) "Battle of the Imports" import drag racing trophies and winning over a thousand dollars in prize money. Anyways, I was over the whole import drag racing thing and I now had a dark green 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse that my parents helped me purchase and I made sure that nothing I did to that car was "Mickey Moused". That was going to be my new project... a daily driven, RELIABLE, show car. So now Edison owned a Porsche(race car) and I had and Eclipse(show car). We then decided on the name... "TRANCESPORT" as in like "TRANCE"(the type of rave music) and sport put together. We thought it was a cool name for our new team(consisting of only Edison and I). Then the Eclipse died on me, LITERALLY! The stupid idiots at Seaside Motors(THEY REALLY SUCK BAD) said the car was in great condition, and sold me a lemon of a car. So the eclipse's engine blew a week later and it went into the garage for about 2 months. TRANCESPORT was put on hold. Then 1 month later, we got the engine rebuilt for 7 grand at Torrance Mitsubishi and the eclipse was running fine. Then boom... the transmission gave out. Again, SEASIDE MOTORS SUCKS FOR SELLING ME A LEMON OF A CAR! So to make a long story short, it's June of 2001, the eclipse(now "Stephanie") is fixed, Melody's pregnant, we got married, and I need a reliable source of TRANSPORTation(do you get where I'm going with this) to get me from my new job and back. While all this is happening, I have a heart to heart talk with my brother Edison(whose Porsche was making weird noises) and tell him that there's no way he can keep up with the maitenance of his car. He'll spend his whole paycheck trying to kepp up witht he maintenance of his beloved Porsche. The worst part is that fool wasn't even working so when something broke on the Porsche, it came out of Dad's pocket. I really care for my brother and for my family and I didn't want my bro or my dad to lose money on the Porsche the same way I did on the Eclipse(lost over \$10,000). So I told my brother that he'd be better off selling that Porsche and buying a more reliable source of everyday TRANSPORTation like a civic. Civics are know for reliability and parts are a lot more cheaper for a civic than a Porsche. Thank goodness Edison listened to me and he sold his Porsche for "Sasha".. Edison's 1990 Honda Civic SiR sedan. That's how Team TRANSPORT Motorsports was born on 08/08/2001. We TRANSPORTers use our daily driven vehicles as a reliable source of TRANPORTation and add a little show and style at the same time. TRANSPORT consists of mostly imports, but we welcome any kind of TRANSPORTation... American TRANSPORTation, EUROPEAN TRANSPORTation, whatever TRANSPORTs you from one place to another. That's what Team TRANSPORT Motorsports is all about. Like how the music unites the ravers, our love for our daily driven vehicles UNITES Team TRANSPORT Motorsports. We have a genuine love for our cars because we RELY on our cars EVERYDAY OF OUR LIVES to take us to work, school, church, the supermarket and to occasionally make the dude in the other lane who revved on us look stupid when we leave them staring at our brakelights and hearing our LOUD, but fainting exhaust tone. All of the TRANSPORTers are a peaceful bunch of people. We are basically a bunch of hippies/ravers who fix up our imports. That's what Team TRANSPORT Motorsports is all about. PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT for the whole car scene and for people in general. We are more than a family, we LITERALLY are family. Edison is my brother, Joel is my 2nd cousin, my mom and dad are reppin' TRANSPORT, Eugene is my 1st cousin, and Ian and Prince are at my house every day and are basically "part of the TRANSPORT family". If you think you have what we TRANSPORTers are looking for and want to join our CRUISEAIDE(crusade), then email me at djritcheb@aol.com....... I'm out....... RITCHE LAGO BAUTISTA


Ritche B's other website dedicated to his raving days

Another one of my life changing hobbies was import drag racing!
Another one of my passions is my old truck"MELORI". I totally loved that truck, and she loved me back just as much. She and I took home a total of 4 import drag racing trophies(2 Winner and 2 Runner-up) and prize money of almost 1 thousand dollars. She also got me fame by getting pictured or mentioned in numerous highly regarded magazines(3 editions of MiniTruckin' magazine, TMR aka toy machine racing magazine, SuperStreet, Turbo, and Streetracer magazine) and pictures in well known drag racing websites such as www.autobuzz.com, www,streetracingonline.com, www.racerette.com, and www.935draggers.com.

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My new ECLIPSE that sits in the garage.
This is probably the worst mistake I have ever made. Everone please remember, SEASIDE MOTORS RIPS YOU OFF! They sold me this cluncker for 13 THOUSAND DOLLARS. The first day the engine game me problems. THE NEXT MONTH, THE ENGINE BLEW UP!So far my parents and I have invested almost 20 grand into this car that likes to collect dust n the garage. AFTER WE GOT THE ENGINE FIXED, THE TRANSMISSION GAVE OUT! I need 3 grand to get it's tranny fixed so it can finally be out of the garage. It should last me 10 years since we just spent 7 grand putting in a BRAND NEW ENGINE STRAIGHT FROM MITSUBUISHI TORRANCE. SEASIDE MOTORS SUCKS! SEASIDE MOTORS SUCKS! DON'T TRUST SEASIDE MOTORS! ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!!!

End of page... Team TRANSPORT Motorsports 4-EVA... RITCHE B